An attempt to lose the niche

Over the 4 years of creating stationery by hand, and starting this business after stumbling across an intriguing YouTube video, so much reflection has happened.

Not only name changes, but also operational changes.

I started with Instagram DMs for order, then local markets, starting a website, new IG handles, re-branding, curating, stopped curating, and quiet times of almost no movement, as well as very busy times.

During the BLM movement that surged in 2020, I had the wildest influx of retail orders since my business began in 2018. In 2021, retail orders got very quiet and I got quiet.

An in progress shot of a cover, using one of my favorite fabrics by Sevenberry Japan

Then, in fall of 2021, more indie gift shops got wind of my work, and the focus has shifted wholesale orders.

Either type of sale is an amazing honor, and I can only hope that everyone has found value and joy in their purchases.

As I continue to evolve personally, my outlook on how I want to approach my craft also shifts. This year, I have opted to try slimming down how I offer my bookmaking services.

Since retail has gotten very quiet, it made more sense to bring some things back to the basics of where I started. Minimal and classic. People need to identify with what they’re purchasing as we become more conscience of how we spend our money, and with whom, especially when it comes to shopping small which can be a higher premium.

Those items also need to make sense for the long term style choice. What can everyone love and see themselves with?

Classic means focusing more on the beautifully textured solid patterns and traditional East Asian patterns of fabric for cover choices.

The point of this stationery style is to highlight ancient binding methods and book arts. That also means (as of today, rather than before) that the binding has to be the focus. Not necessarily the fabric.

Eliminating the possibility of fabric waste and finding purpose for all that remains in my workroom, the solids, traditionals and the funky patterns will all be available through wholesale purchases. The funky bunch will no longer be offered on a retail basis (on this website you are on now).

Stores have shelves to fill and a variety of customers to please. Gift shops have a place for those extra unique patterns where someone is getting a completely new stationery style and a pattern to make it pop.

For the direct consumer, I want to be a place where everyone can shop. I want to expand my niche. I would like to be a destination shop for all those who love to journal, in hopes that anyone can find something they’d love.



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