Corporate Gifting

I can’t say it enough

Being invited to share space with another small business owner is just so dope.

Zuley, owner of Viledge has reached out to me a few times over the past few months to work with her on corporate gifting and curated boxes to service her clients. She really pushed me and one or two times I had to reject her because it was too tight of a deadline, but she asked me again, and I began to feel rude if I didn’t find a way to make it work :)

Viledge sources all black-owned brands for their specially curated gift boxes. This is a company I want to partner with.

Luckily I had the right amount of fabrics to make the tight deadline, and enough extra help from friends to help me with a portion of the process.

This order brought me back to where I had been wanting to go

Solid but beautifully textured RK fabrics. I had just decided that I wanted to simplify the fabrics I offered to the public but keep some of the old/patterned designs for wholesale. I have been landing in front of new wholesale customers thanks to Faire lately, so to them some of the fabrics that seem old to me are new to them. It has been working out well to slowly flush out the ones still hanging around.

The solid colors are just as stunning, and serve a larger purpose for my business plan right now-to serve more than just one group of people.

I have noticed through analytics that I currently appeal to women. I think this is great, but I know that there are more than just eomen who like a nice journal that celebrates an ancient binding method.

To hopefully expand the market, I wanted to bring back the excitement for the solid tones, where anyone might be able to find something they like.

So, when I wrote back to Zuley, I offered her these options, and they are also perfect time for spring. Get folks out of the winter slump, depending on where they live.

Here in the northeast, we are usually crawling at this point, desparatly needing spring to save us.

I was so excited about how they all came out, and how good they looked together. It’s going to be like rays of sunshine when she opens the box, and I hope the end customer enjoys the texture, style, and feels inspired to lay down their thoughts.



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