Planner designing 1.0

It was during a week away from home, alone in my hotel room, where I got the ideas in my head to create a planner. After I quickly drew it out on paper, I started playing around in Canva. I made a post on Instagram asking for some opinions and got some good feedback.

During my design process, I knew I wanted it to be very simple and straightforward, with some easy suggestions to implement in the way it could be used.

The first release is a weekly planner that is meant to be used as a full spread.

One on side you have the goal indicator for the week, and then on the right you can break those goals into specific days or add additional tasks. Goals can be assigned to a day or just be an overarching theme to keep in the back of your mind for the week.

Our goal here at Artisaan is to provide the space and offer suggestions but never to make the end user feel like they can't just do their own thing. There is space for either method.

We want the Flow Planner to be about tracking any kind of goal that keeps you in flow. This can be about work, or projects one week, another week it can be amount mental, spiritual, or emotional goals. Another week can be about physical goals. However you see fit, absolutely makes sense.

Our monogramming options have also expanded with us now offering a Sans Serif style. Learn more about the Flow Planner here



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