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You have all the answers. Go deep with over 150 journal prompts on boundaries, love, and creativity. Starting any day, month, or year of right.

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Are you into free writing, or you are all about the prompts?

Do you mix between the two?


Until I found this journal by The Living Workshop offfering journal prompts, I had not really made it part of my journaling practice.

I have gotten prompts through newsletter signups, or through a social account that I found interesting at the time, especially when I was focused on a certain aspect of my journaling.

But, to have over 150 prompts available to me at any time, really was an exciting must have.

Over the last few months prior to this blog post, I have been getting more dedicated in my journal practice.

Over the last few months, the shop has grown to include other prompt style products, like the Daily Mantra card set

Even though these are more like statements to give us power for the day, they can be reflected upon through writing.

One of my favorite websites DailyOm, offers many courses that encourage writing and journaling. They also offer free daily newsletters for encouragement.

This year has been so much about unsubscribing from as much as I recognize is not healthy, or drags me down, and subscribing to the new thought patterns and consumption that is more like the me now.

Check out the options above from The Living Workshop or the mantra card set. Get inspired, and find your truth.

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