Artisaan is a curated collection of goods for emotional, mental, and spiritual wealth, as well special home goods.

Studio Artisaan is our very own line of handmade fabric stationery. We create unlined journals, rough pads, and bookmarks. There are also stationery subscriptions. All found in the 'by Artisaan' section of the site

Within this, we also collaborate regularly with other makers on stationery and accessory items. These live in the 'for Artisaan' section of the site.

Reach out if interested in creating something together with fabrics, as we always have a ton laying around from creating our stationery!

The goal with bringing in outside brands in addition to showing my own craft, is to support other Women & People of Color like me, but enveloping all independent makers taking pride in their design and craftsmanship to produce beautifully made, functional products for everyday living and all day peace.

Supporting equality, awareness of mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and creativity. 

Creating community, and lifting each other up.

Showcasing each other's crafts by working together to flourish.


After two prior re-brandings, (most recently from STATIONED BY HAND), it finally became clear on what "this" was. 

As our founder began to do her inner reflections, while at the same time finding a voice and space in her craft, it became clear on how it would all come together and represent itself.

It wasn't only about one type of product or one type of craft, but the connection to community that had organically morphed through that. 

An artist does not need to be one who makes a physical representation of their art. Life is an art within itself, and each day that one looks upon their work and reflects, the meaning may change.

What is most important throughout it all is the health and wealth of the things that we have when we enter and what we have when we must depart: our emotional, mental, and spiritual beings.

A note from the founder:

In my mid thirties, I began to feel lost in the life I had created, or seemingly fell into. I sought a creative outlet and began to make stationery by hand using an ancient stab binding method. Connecting to an original art form, and an original form of expression (writing), the handmade production became therapeutic for me, and I often found peace in creating a new journal for someone who would get to unleash their thoughts and visions.

As that business grew, I came across other makers that made gorgeous products but were completely underrated for a variety of reasons, but mostly that the market was saturated with influencers or by the factors that determined what was most popular.

Meanwhile, all this talent and craft was struggling to be seen.

As a Black woman, I know what it is like to have fewer chances to some of my fellow humans, and I wanted to create a space on the net that featured Us, and what We do.

With that, it became evident that my primary focus in life turned into spiritual, emotional, and mental wealth, and it is my goal to bring in products that support all of these important areas.

We are artists all pushing through a similar invisible force.

I hear You, I see You, and I hope to share Your story, along with Ours, here at Artisaan. 

-Shamese Shular, Founder


Artisaan operates on Munsee-Lenape and Wappinger Land