Journal Details

What you'll find in our shop

Studio Artisaan is a bookbinding studio, and we use fabrics to create the covers. Our books are hand bound using the ancient stab binding method that originated in 14th century China.

From the home page, Under "Handmade Stationery", you will find "Journal Fabrics".

This is where you can choose from Asian patterns, Modern patterns, or Solids. From there, you'll select your size, and you will receive your new handmade journal within two weeks!

In addition, you'll find a link to fabric remnants for sale, and our stationery subscriptions!

Below are details about the binding process so you know exactly what you are getting - 


Material details

Acid-free binders board, acid-free PVA glue, textiles or decorative (plant) paper, card stock, hemp cord. All items are packed into a compostable, plant-material sleeve.

Paper details

Rough Pads only have dot grid, lined, graph, and recycled toned papers available as options. 

Journals come standard with 36-40 sheets of unlined heavyweight drawing paper, at 80lb text weight. Lined paper is currently not an option for journals.

Recycled papers

The tan and gray papers used in Rough Pads are recycled. The standard white paper in most journals, are not recycled at this time. We are looking into a solution for this and hope to switch to fully recycled papers in 2021. Recycled paper is packaged differently and costs are higher than the standard paper, so we are looking into the best options.


Small journals: 4 x 6 in. or 10.16 x 15.25 cm 

Medium journals: 8.75 x 5.5 in. or 22.2 x 14 cm 

Large journals: 8 x 11 in. or 20.32 x 27.94 cm

Rough Pads: 12 x 9 in, or 30.4 x 22.86 cm

Bookmarks: 1.75 x 6 or 4.44 x 15.25 cm

Fabric details

Most fabrics listed are manufactured in Japan, purchased from US based sellers.

Typically, 100% cotton, cotton linen blends, or linen fabrics are used.

Rough Pads are made with both fabrics and decorative paper, which is made by hand in various countries, usually India, Nepal, or Japan.

Can I send you my own fabric?

Yes! Email to discuss your order so fabric amounts and measurements can be confirmed.

Best uses

Small journals are best for on the go like in the purse, keep in the car for notes, and perfect for gift/subscription boxes. Medium journals are a great size for the office, daily use, bullet or diary type journaling. This size is like holding a book. Large journals are excellent for large scale drawing, more elaborate bullet journal inspiration, scrapbooking. This size is similar to an iPad. Rough Pads are perfect to keep on the desk or in the office for list making, and brain dumping. Minimal but multi-functional design due to the mix of paper types included. Washi tape is so fun to throw into gift/subscription boxes, use as an extra flair on packaging, to section off notes in your journals, and to mark designated sections in your journals. Bookmarks are thicker than standard paper bookmarks and easily separate pages to pick up where you left off.