Product Details


All stationery items are made with cotton or cotton-linen blend fabric covers or Japanese bookcloth. They are not water resistant, and care should be taken to keep them away from moisture.

If wire-binding journals start to bend out of shape, the wire can be bent back into place.

Stationery Construction

(Stab bound books)

Outer: Chipboard, Fabric, Hemp cord
Inner: Tan card stock with ‘Artisaan’ stamped inside on one side
Paper: Non-recycled unlined heavyweight drawing paper. Each book comes with 35 sheets (70 pages)
Measurements: Medium: 8.75 x 5.5 in. or 22.2 x 14 cm / Large: 8 x 11 in. or 20.32 x 27.94 cm

(Wire bound books)

Outer: Chipboard, Fabric, Wire-o, deboss stamping
Paper: 100% recycled and FSC certified paper for dot grid, lined, or graph. Non-recycled heavyweight drawing paper for unlined. Each book comes with 50 sheets
Measurements: 8.75 x 11.25 in. or 22.2 x 28.575 cm


100% cotton, cotton linen blends, or linen fabrics are used. and most are manufactured in Japan that are purchased by the small business fabric and textile shops that we source from.

Fabric Patterns

Any fabric with a pattern has a repeat to that pattern at a certain point in the design. It is important to know that no matter which size journal or stationery item ordered, you may or may not have the full pattern completely visible on your stationery. There may be cut offs in certain parts due to the method of using only as much fabric is necessary to make your item. For directional fabrics that "read" from one side to another, journals are made so that if you flip it over in the horizontal orientation, it will appear to "read" in the same direction on the other side. If you are unsure, please send questions to before ordering


Japanese & Italian bookcloths are used for all wire binding notebooks with cover options.


Each stationery item is packed in a super clear compostable sleeve with no markings on the outside. It is mostly to protect the stationery’s fabric and binding through transit, and until it is the hands of the final purchaser. This is a great option for storefronts to add their own SKU label directly to the package.

We highly recommend to tear off the clear sleeves, rather than trying to slide the stationery out, to protect the binding.

Our journals and stationery are marked either by stamp inside the hemp-bound journal, or a blind debossed label on wire-bound notebooks.

When shipping packages, we use as much compostable and recycled materials as we can, and stationery is packed as tightly as possible to avoid movement through transit to you.


You can send your own fabrics if you would like your stationery made your own stock. Shops that work with fabrics in their other products who would like stationery made to match their aesthetic can do the same. Start with an email to to discuss your project so all details can be confirmed.

Other Items

Artisaan makes all notebooks and journals listed in the shop in our Connecticut studio. Other items we carry in our shop are carefully sourced from brands that have a long history in their craft and offer special selections. Following our namesake, we intend to support other small businesses that are not mass-produced, and being truly one-of-a-kind.